An Ultimate guide of India VPS through Onlive Server-


In order to run and grow your online business, you need to consider one thing in advance, namely, Speed. If your website is very fast, web page loading time is fast. It is one of the important things because a one-second delay can cause great damage to your business that can no longer be repaired. However, consider web hosting that gives you a high-speed experience to load your website in less than 3 seconds. In addition, a reliable and advanced web hosting platform ensures efficient operation, improved security, and much more besides high speed.

India VPS from Onlive Server is one of the best options suitable for hosting small to medium business sites. Also, verify the range of reliable services, including 20X fast speed, real-time services, unlimited bandwidth, and 99.99% downtime.

Linux VPS Hosting India

In this hosting service, the Linux application runs on your VPS core. Linux is an open-source platform that does not require regular startup even when the load is high. It is used with SSH. In addition, if you need to work with open-source software like PHP / Perl, ROR, Java, Python, SSH, CGI, etc., hosting Linux VPS India is a good choice for you. You will be able to manage your private Linux server easily with the command line.

Windows VPS Hosting India

In this hosting service, the Windows operating system works in your VPS context. Windows is a Microsoft product that provides an intuitive GUI (Graphical User Interface). You get the Plesk control panel to control your server performance very easily. In addition, if you need to work with applications such as ASP Classic,, MySQL, C #, VB Development, MS Access, etc., India VPS is the right choice for you.

You can have an India VPS hosting service with Linux at a lower price according to Windows.  This is because Linux comes with free rental and Windows is a related software that includes license fees. However, you can get both types of services at affordable prices through the hosting company from Onlive Server.

Why should you upgrade to VPS India from shared hosting?

Shared Hosting is the best option for business starters where it shares its valuable resources with its neighboring sites. This situation is very risky and open to viruses that can end up with data and business losses. In addition, some of the reasons for non-compliance with shared hosting are listed below:

Shared Hosting Services

Shared Hosting is open to sharing resources and its own forum as it shares its IP address with multiple websites. You can easily share random access memory, CPU usage, bandwidth, storage, and much more with shared hosting. Although, at India VPS hosting, you get complete dedicated services. That you will not share with other sites.

Insecure Neighbors

As discussed above, sharing shared resources and services on neighboring sites. Some sites is compromised and are experiencing some technical issues. Other websites using the same platform need to address the issue. Also, it may cause data loss, malware, system shortages, and more. However, upgrading to VPS India hosting is the best choice that offers you dedicated resources for each virtual server.

Pollution exposure

Shared Hosting is a major scam when sharing resources opens up opportunities for neighboring sites to steal your site data. One of the sites on the server is affected in any way. The whole site also experiences the same situation as before. While with VPS in India hosting, you will get a separate server where there is no contamination.

Resource limitations

We may also consider this feature to be a major disadvantage of choosing a shared hosting plan for your business. This is because shared hosting gives you a limited set of resources that can reach its end over a period of time. This leads to the unavailability of your site’s resources, which in turn slows down performance.

Advanced key Features of Best VPS Hosting in India

24/7 Technical and customer support

You will always have technical and customer support day and night. The company provides support through certified and experienced professionals. They are available through various communication channels to provide quick and intelligent solutions to your questions or problems.

Full Root Access

With Indian VPS hosting, you will get full root access to your server. This will allow you to configure. It will make changes to your server without being shut down. You will be able to upgrade your server according to the needs of your web business.

DDoS protection

You will find advanced security features that include DDoS and fire protection with your VPS hosting plan. Your system will be able to detect incoming security threats from the web. And, further, it will automatically protect your data from them.

99.99% Uptime Network

With India VPS, you will get a 99.99% network guarantee. The company provides continuous, high-quality, and secure network flexibility.

Final Words

As you have learned, VPS is able to close the gap between shared and dedicated hosting solutions. While sharing the same physical server with thousands of users, you can have dedicated hosting space for your web business. This enables you to save money on your investment across the hosting server. In the event that your mind participates in any doubts about the hosting service, contact customer support immediately.