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What are dedicated servers and why go for them?

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Why do you need a dedicated hosting server?

If you are a company or someone who wants to be more successful with your online business, you need to have a dedicated server for your website to stay where you need it. This will not only allow you to provide an online presence but will also ensure that you still have strong relationships with your customers. To ensure that you get all of these things, a dedicated server is the best option for your business. However, there are a few reasons why a dedicated server is needed in India. First, it allows you to have the latest technology that helps you grow your business. Second, dedicated servers are cheaper than shared servers, but will make your online business much more successful. Also, they can provide higher bandwidth, and that means you can have more customers and your business can grow.

Basic reasons why websites require cheap dedicated servers: –

Every website should look for a dedicated server only because of the following benefits it offers on e-commerce sites: –

Ample Storage Space

Dedicated server hosting gives you the opportunity to transfer big data and a solid CPU with good RAM storage.

Improved Performance & Security

Any e-commerce website involves multiple transactions. Thus, a dedicated server protects your personal information. Security is a factor and should be a priority for all webmasters.

Smooth Network Connection

A dedicated server gives you an effective network connection by tracking and managing all the traffic to your website.

Unique IP Address

A server dedicated to hosting each server has its own unique IP address as shared hosting when one IP address is shared by multiple websites and your website.

Here are some things to consider before choosing a cheap hosting service:


Whenever you hear the word cheap on any product or service, you think it will be a bad product or service. The fact is that here it means they are cheaper or less expensive. If you choose a cheaper server, it is better for your company because you will get all the benefits without compromising on the quality of services and will reduce operating costs. Make sure you choose a package that contains only those features that are necessary for the needs of your business. In this way, you will reduce the cost of those waste products.


 Your main focus when choosing any service should be how good your customer experience will be. Undoubtedly, user satisfaction is a very important priority for businesses of all sizes. No client wants to spend more than a few seconds loading a website. Look for a high-speed server, so your clients can come back to your website and pass it on to others. If you think the hosting provider you choose will meet your users’ satisfaction level, they are the right fit for you.

Maximum time:

The host should be able to provide maximum time to improve your online presence. Websites that cater to high traffic or have heavy media content cannot function without a good time.


What features and services are offered? You should be given the option to customize your server with any software or hardware. The hosting company should also give you a choice of cheap Linux server hosting or dedicated Windows hosting. Make sure you get good bandwidth and disk space, dedicated RAM, and processing power.


As you choose affordable dedicated server hosting, it is important to know the level of support services. Choose a hosting provider that offers the best support services because you will need them at some point. Ask some of the questions below to make sure you make the right choice.


Cheap Dedicated servers are very important to provide the best services. That is used for heavy workloads and high security. There are many options available in the market, so you need to find the right one for your needs. Our blog post has given about right information about a cheap dedicated server provider that is Onlive Server. Which will help you choose the right dedicated server for your requirements?