Singapore Dedicated Server

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Singapore Dedicated Server solutions are offered with the latest hardware technologies. Dedicated Server hosting is specially designed for high-traffic websites and large business applications that require high levels of security, control, power, and high traffic support. Singapore Dedicated Server is the first choice of all those persons who want to make a good server for their business. Onlive Server offers you the best plans for Dedicated Server without any problem.

Flexibility & Customization Options

We offer you affordable Dedicated Server plans at the lowest prices. Therefore we provide dedicated servers in Singapore with the help of a secured data center and high-end processors. To boost your website traffic and increase business productivity you can get our services at an economical price point. Singapore offers a dedicated server where you can choose the customizations and storage options based on your requirements. Customers can also select the control panel, version of an operating system, installation of software as per their needs. Our expert technical staff is always available to assist you.


Onlive Server is offering affordable services and packages deals of Singapore Dedicated Server. Get complete control over your server with our Dedicated Server plans, it provides you the isolation on a physical server and secure facility. Our packages are highly cost-efficient and deployment of your dedicated server will commence instantly after getting payments.

The best-unmanaged Cheap Singapore Dedicated Server plans offered by This is a powerful virtual server provider that helps you to manage your desired business websites as well as web applications. Our company offers the latest features of our dedicated server at very affordable rates. With the help of this dedicated Server plan, we are giving you the ability to scale up your resources when you required such as CPU, RAM, etc to meet all types of future needs in less time.

What do You need to Know About Singapore Dedicated Server?

Onlive Server offers a world-class Cheap Singapore Dedicated Server at the very best price with the fastest speed and unlimited bandwidth. Along with this, you get full server management control and can configure it according to your needs. Similarly, we also provide the best cPanel features in our servers which makes the user experience even better. Rather we are committed to giving the best performance Linux-based VPS and windows-based VPS to our customers. We provide managed hosting options for VPS on Windows OS and Linux OS for small as well as large business users. Our Dedicated Server in Singapore is the most popular hosting service. Therefore we give you full root access to manage your own Dedicated Server. Our Dedicated Server is more robust, powerful, and highly secure.

24/7 Expert Customer Support

We offer the best Server Hosting Packages at an affordable price. Our Dedicated Server in Singapore is the most popular hosting service. Similarly, we give you full root access to manage your own Dedicated Server. Total Satisfaction for Customer. Rather we use the guarantee system with a good quality setup and robust network. We do not get anything unless we have some target or goal and the same goes with the business. If you are running a business then you need to set your goals that what is the cause of your business and what do you want in the future.

Flexibility & Customization Options

Grab the best-dedicated server deal and enjoy high-performance, great security, ultimate control, and unlimited bandwidth, Hosting for businesses. Onlive Infotech provides their cheap at an affordable price, which is fully compatible with your business requirements. Cheap Singapore Dedicated Server services from We are one of the best platforms in the world because our server hosting services fulfill all the needs of business websites and also make your presence popular in the IT world.


Singapore Dedicated Server is that allows you to host websites and software applications which is fully managed and secured. This server is a great choice to target customers of Singapore and the area where you want your data center. If anyone needs to increase the performance of their website, then you can use this server which gives public as well as private networks at a fair price that suits every person’s budget.