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How to Buy Windows VPS for Business Website

Buy Windows VPS Hosting plans for Online Businesses

 When it comes to VPS hosting. Cheap Windows VPS is a good choice for website owners who want more power and control over their websites. Buy Windows VPS, is a type of virtual private server that allows you to run your Windows operating system on a server. One of the great benefits of hosting with a Windows VPS hosting company is being able to use the software of your choice. With most Linux hosting plans. You can use Apache and MySQL right out of the box, but if you are using Windows. You can install additional software into your operating system according to your needs.

Why Need is Windows VPS Hosting to Users?

Buy Windows VPS Hosting. It is an affordable, flexible, and powerful way for organizations of all sizes to have a strong web presence. Cheap Windows VPS is the most popular app today and is always one of the top options for small businesses. Choosing a supportive internet hosting platform can be of great benefit. It provides a great solution that allows you to have dedicated hardware power. While sharing resources and other virtual machines on the same server.

Basic of Managed and Unmanaged Services of Windows VPS

As the name suggests, it is based on a virtual environment where the user can access a dedicated server in a global virtual environment. There are two main formats for such VPS hosting services. These two are managed services and non-managed services. Although managed services are very similar to shared hosting services, managed services are very similar to dedicated services.

  1. Managed Services: – If you do not have the technical knowledge, it is important for you to know whether cheap and reliable VPS hosting providers offer managed services or not. The beauty of these Windows services is that the service provider handles tasks such as installing software or scripts. The provider will also be responsible for resolving configuration issues as well as hardware or software issues.
  2. Unmanaged Services: – The web hosting world is full of companies that provide Windows VPS services to their customers. Most of these companies offer unmanaged Windows VPS packages, focusing on highly advanced users who can manage their servers. On the other hand, there are a few providers that offer managed Windows VPS services and don’t take care of all the technical issues for you and resolve them quickly.

The Wonderful and latest Features of Windows VPS

  • Plesk Control Panel: – With every Windows VPS Server plan, you get an option to buy a Plesk Control Panel that is easy to use and an ideal option for managing multiple websites, emails, and databases.
  • Simple VPS Upgrade: – All Windows VPS plans can be easily upgraded without changing the IP address provided to users. There will be no data loss or failure during the upgrade process.
  • 100% Dedicated Resources: – Windows VPS Server has guaranteed memory, CPU, RAM, and maximum storage space allocated and it’s never shared with other users hosted on the same node.
  •  Full Administrator Access: – You have complete control over the Windows VPS. Host multiple your websites on this, install any third-party software/applications, or use it for browsing websites. It is fully secure for your website.
  • Lowest Prices: –The Windows VPS packages offered by Onlive Server are affordable and ideal choices for your business website that require full administrative access over the website.
  • Trusted Customer Support: – We know what your website means to you so we provide invincible customer support by phone, live chat, Whatsapp, Skype, and email. You can always be sure about the best service and support with us.

How to Get Windows VPS Hosting and Benefits

There are many reasons to look for the best Windows VPS Server Hosting program. This includes the fact that it can be used by almost any application, and you can use your choice of the web server and application software. Onlive Server will install these features on you if you do not already have them.

You can also share files with other users on your network easily. In addition, you will be able to upload many details and websites to one operating system in a very secure way. It is best for those who want to use their website applications without having to own the necessary infrastructure to support them.

Here are some additional features of the Windows VPS Server

  • Powerful Connectivity Performance
  • Free Setup within Few Minutes
  • Highly Secured by DDoS Protection
  • Web Control Panel (Plesk Panel)
  • SSL especial Protection Layer
  • Reliability and Flexibility on your Server
  • Quick Help by our Technical support

Conclusion – Buy Windows VPS Server hosting services are relatively easy to purchase. But they are better slightly than the auxiliary services offered by Onlive Server. The hosting providers that provide Windows servers typically include all the software support. And compliance requirements of any company or organization operating in the appropriate Windows environment, as long as these options are tested. It is just a matter of price and customer support. With a High Proof guarantee, fast speed, and Server reliability.


Why would I want VPS hosting instead of using shared hosting?

Usually, install your own software on VPS Server. More specifically, say you want your website to be able to use a certain technology like PHP. As a regular user, you cannot install the software needed to use PHP with shared hosting but in the VPS Hosting system; you can install any software you want because you have full control.

What’s happens if I reach your bandwidth limit?

You never reach the bandwidth limit of Windows VPS servers because all our VPS Windows services come with unlimited bandwidth and flexible customer support.

How much does a Windows VPS Server cost on Onlive Server?

The Windows VPS plan starts at $ 9 / month. Depending on demand and stock, fees increase but always provide free customer support. Buy now and expand your business with Onlive Server.

Can We Buy Windows VPS with unlimited data from Onlive Server?

Yes, of course, you can buy it. Onlive Server provides reliable Windows VPS plans. We enable users to create MySQL and MS SQL websites. These sites can be easily managed with great security and privacy through your server and other applications installed on your website.

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