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A dedicated server is a physical device that the organization usually buys or rents. They are composed of at least one computer on a network that is specifically reserved for that network and the needs of that customer. Each Server has only one uses, hence the “Dedicated Server” nomenclature. Buy Dedicated Server because it is a great option to host a high-traffic, highly demanding application or website, or other high volumes, high-resource task.

Online business owners, data security, and resource management are doing often serious considerations, regardless of organization. Some Error a dedicated server alleviates many of the most normal concerns for private businesses. Organizations that mainly depend on their web applications or websites can advantage from using a dedicated server.

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Some Different Types of Dedicated Server – Onlive Server

The types of server you want to host. There are many types of dedicated servers, so choosing one that will be suitable for your needs can be overwhelming.

Here are two main types of dedicated servers:

Unmanaged Dedicated Server: The web hosting providers should be responsible is to taking care of the physical server’s security and storage. To make sure it is available here, the other duties, such as setting up and managing the server, monitoring the server, better performance, and upgrades, remain to be taken care of by the customer’s need himself.
Managed Dedicated Server: Managed dedicated server, your service provider will manage and maintain most of the responsibilities such as network or server, operating system, control panel issues, hardware, backup, and high security. You can contact your Onlive Server for any support related to the processing and standard functionality of the server.
You are a new business owner with minimal technical experience. The managed dedicated server is an ideal choice for your business or server, while if you are an acknowledged online business. You can select the unmanaged one.

How to Buy Cost-Effectiveness of Dedicated Server Hosting?

Well, dedicated server hosting services are great. The matter of fact is that they are truly great. That being said, interested users need to be aware of the fact that dedicated servers can be a little expensive.
Nevertheless, the cost-effectiveness of a dedicated server lies in the fact that it offers all the resources to just one site being hosted on it. The users do not have to go through any hassle in their business website operation because of the wrong-doings of the other websites. The ease of use that comes with the dedicated servers genuinely means cost-effectiveness for the users. After all, there’s no loss in paying a bit of extra money if you get complete peace of mind knowing that your site will face no problems in operating and offering its best to the customers.

So, dedicated servers are not available at the most affordable rates. It is a bit little costly compared to VPS Server. It always works to consider whether you actually require the level of server power offered by a dedicated server in order to operate online. If you have plans to create business websites and personal blogs that do nothing more than list the hours of operation and location of your business, then shared servers or virtual private servers will be the right choice for you or your online business.

What should I Buy from the Dedicated Hosting plan by Onlive Server?

A decent dedicated hosting plan costs started from $59/month. Accept in mind that pricing depends on the server conditions including CPU type, amount of RAM, and the disk space your hosting company provides. While it’s frequently recommended to select a service plan that comes with the newest hardware technology, Onlive Server offers a huge discount on servers according to your website.
Under are some features your dedicated server plan should offer:

  • You should be located in a highly secure and monitored data center.
  • Give maximum uptime guarantee (99.9%).
  • You should provide 24/7 free premium support.

What is cPanel? How does it relate to WHM?

CPanel: The cPanel is the control panel for your website or operating system. It enables you to manage all of your website’s main functions while also managing different accounts sharing one dedicated server. Such as –

  1. Setup and manage databases
  2. Edit DNS records for your domains
  3. Add and remove add on domains or subdomains
  4. Manage your backups
  5. Edit individual files and WebPages
  6. Upload and manage files for your website
  7. Check website statistics and gather analytics data
  8. Manage email settings and security features etc. much more.

WHM: WHM gives an interface for basic system company needs of a server, which access to various metrics and logs, control over various functions and services required to host websites on the server. The WHM is the control panel for managing a server or website and more websites managed by cPanel. This allows the customer as a reseller control panel allowing for the isolation and management of any resold accounts.

WHM allows you to follow ways:

  1. Make custom hosting packages built around the user’s needs
  2. Make and manage individual cPanel accounts for users
  3. Manage the latest features of the hosting packages
  4. Set up private name servers and modify DNS zone records for domains and subdomains etc. and much more.
Buy Dedicated Server

Conclusion –

When it comes to hosting a website, there are several factors to consider. If you have a lot of traffic on your site and need the best possible performance, then a dedicated server is likely your best option. For more information on this topic, check out our blog here: We will provide complete information. You can ask any query.

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