Get Linux Shared Hosting with Effective Plans

Why is Linux Shared Hosting the Perfect Choice For You

Do you want the best shared hosting solution available? Linux shared hosting offers plenty of benefits that you won’t find with other hosting types, including lower prices, higher storage limits, and an endless number of websites to host on one account. Do you want the best Linux Shared Hosting solution available? Onlive Server offers plenty of benefits that you won’t find with other hosting types, including lower prices, higher storage limits, and an endless number of websites to host on one account You can also download whatever application you need to install, whether it’s WordPress or Drupal or anything else that catches your fancy! We’ll cover all of this and more in the rest of this article.

Amazing Plans

Some companies offer amazing deals on shared hosting. For example, Lightspeed Offers provides shared hosting plans that start at $2 per month and include 24/7 live chat support, 5GB SSD space, and unlimited domains. In addition to giving you a lot of great features for an unbeatable price, Lightspeed is also a green company; it purchases wind energy credits to offset all its electricity use. You don’t need to sacrifice quality or ethics when you go shared—just look for a reliable host offering low prices.


One of the main benefits of shared hosting is that it’s secure by default. When you host on a server with other websites, it can be difficult for hackers to get access to your website, even. If they have their sights set on yours. This is due to three things: PHP limits, IP controls, and an extra layer of security called kernel hardening. Because you’re sharing resources with others (like CPU time and memory), each website has limited access by default.

24/7 Support

If you ever have a problem or question, our tech support team is available 24/7 to assist you. Fast Setup: We offer a quick setup so you can get your site live fast and start earning money right away. Affordable Pricing: Get a quality web hosting service for less than other providers. Unlimited Space & Bandwidth: You’ll never have to worry about running out of space or bandwidth again – it’s unlimited! Free Domain Name.

Every account includes free domain name registration. Perfect for beginners and experts alike, Linux shared hosting provides easy access. Your web files and easy management through cPanel control panel software—so everyone from beginners to experienced users will feel comfortable managing their website using an interface they already know.

Uptime Guarantee

Many sites promise 99.9% uptime, but only a handful of companies actually deliver on that promise. Our dedicated team of tech support professionals works hard to maintain that 99.9% mark if you’re not satisfied. A Free Domain Name: All accounts include free domain name services and management so you can set up. Your website immediately and start growing your business. No Data Caps: Unlike other web hosts, we don’t limit how much data you use, nor do we throttle bandwidth or server speeds based on traffic volume (this is known as data capping). You can create as many websites as needed without worrying about going over any limits.


Even if you’re not a coder, if you know your way around WordPress and don’t need much server storage, then Linux shared hosting is your best bet. This doesn’t mean it won’t be time-consuming to set up, but once. It’s running smoothly it should only require a few minutes of upkeep each week. We also provide Best Cheap VPS for your business. A good web host will have pre-configured templates that are ready to go right out of the box. And if something goes wrong—which sometimes happens no matter what type of hosting you use—the experts at your provider can quickly take care of it for you.

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