Onlive Server's Singapore VPS Hosting Plans Gives Best Achievement for Your Business

Onlive Server’s Singapore VPS Hosting Plans Gives Best Achievement for Your Business

Are you looking to outpace your competition? Onlive Server’s Singapore VPS Hosting Plans can give you the competitive edge you need to land the business contracts that will keep. Your business booming into the future! It’s affordable, reliable, and designed to give you the most bang for your buck. Onlive Server’s Singapore VPS Hosting Plans is powered by the fastest, most reliable hosting available today. That means cheaper options for your business to compete with bigger fish for that lucrative contract.

What is a Virtual Private Server?

A virtual private server (VPS) is a virtual machine sold as a service by an Internet hosting provider. VPS allows multiple users to share a single physical server, much like how multiple people can share an apartment or office space. Each person gets their own partitioned space to work from and otherwise have free reign of what they can do inside that space. Likewise, your virtual server includes its own operating system, storage, and RAM allocated to you only. When using your VPS. You’ll be allotted CPU cycles measured in either gigaflops or teraflops based on configuration and server-side settings.

Why choose Onlive Server’s Singapore VPS Hosting Plans?

Onlive Server’s Singapore VPS Hosting offers a faster, more secure way to build and deploy websites to your customers with minimal down time. With Onlive Server’s fully managed services, clients can focus on their core competencies while we take care of everything else. We ensure that your website is always online so that you will never lose an important sale or create a negative customer experience. Our expertly trained support team is available 24/7 to help you answer questions and address any technical problems.

With a variety of options from small businesses to large enterprises, we offer flexible prices and packages that allow you to focus on what’s important. Onlive Server prides itself in creating cutting-edge technology that helps our clients stay ahead of their competition. We offer one-stop shopping for every IT resource imaginable, as well as unmatched customer service so you can get answers. When you need them. If you’re thinking about moving your company over to a cloud computing platform: let us help ease. Your transition with cost-saving recommendations and resources tailored to fit your unique needs. Every aspect of Onlive Server is focused on delivering a superior experience, leaving nothing left to chance.

How much will it cost you per month?

Cost can be a big concern for businesses that want to get in on cloud services, but don’t have endless resources. Onlive actually has the best VPS hosting packages: that cost $21 per month. The smaller package comes with just 1TB of bandwidth, while include 30GB SSD of storage space. Onlive claims you should get more than enough power for most small-to-medium business needs with these packages; you won’t have to worry about being underpowered or overpaying for your cloud hosting.

Which plan should you choose?

Onlive Server’s Singapore Virtual Private Servers range from $21/month for a 1 GB RAM plan making them affordable and competitively priced with other companies that offer similar services. Onlive’s managed hosting plans start at $42/month for 2 GB RAM of disk space. And go up to $85/month for 4 GB RAM of disk space. If you don’t require full-time server management, check out their unmanaged server plans starting at just $21 per month. If you’re looking to save a few bucks on your next big project.

The Advantages of Singapore Virtual Private Server Hosting

Low latency and superior security are just two of many advantages to be had with a Virtual Private Server (VPS) in Singapore. Companies that use their own infrastructure or in-house servers often find that they’re always overcapacity. That can lead to slow response times or even complete outages. That makes it difficult for you to stay competitive in your business sector. A virtual private server can help you avoid many of these pitfalls by making more efficient use of hardware and giving you more flexibility. In fact, choosing a dedicated hosting solution is one way to ensure that your business stays competitive-and even gives you an edge over your competitors.


Onlive Server is a company that provides you with reliable, cheap hosting for your business. They have an affiliate program that you can take advantage of to get more exposure for your business. Onlive Server lets you get what you want from a Linux Shared Hosting provider without losing anything in the way of price or quality. It’s always in stock, always available and always supported by our expert staff. Onlive Server also provides forum access and live chat support, uptime guarantee on all services. So give them a try today.

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